Fishing Report 8/21

Silver Salmon fishing has been absolutely great with limits of Silver Salmon caught daily. Catching them has been possible with both Fly and Spin Tackle on the Naknek river and its tributaries as well as the Alagnak River.

Fly out fishing in remote creeks has been on absolute fire. Some of the most beautiful Dolly Varden and Rainbow trout of the year being caught right now. Mostly catching Fish on beads but also streamers and mouse patterns are getting the job done.

Rainbow fishing on the main river has been good to great with low numbers or Kings spawning leaving the trout torn between streamers and beads. Which leaves the fishing style up to the angler.

8/14 Fishing Report

Silver Salmon are Abundant throughout most of Bristol Bay we have been doing great in the Naknek and Alagnak Systems catching limits of them on a daily basis. Along with Silvers we have been catching an almost ridiculous number of chums and a some stray off year pink salmon as well.

Fly out have been awesome. The Dolly Varden hidden away in these streams accessible only by bush plane are starting to color up and are still very hungry making this an awesome time to catch the fish of your dreams.

Bear and wildlife viewing is still going great with the bears still eating as many salmon as they can to plump up before winter.

Main river rainbow fishing is still going great with multiple fish in the high 20 inch class and even some 30 inchers being caught. They are still being caught on streamers so leave your beads at home for just a couple more days.

7/16 Bristol Bay Report

Limits of Sockeye salmon are being caught everyday still with ease. The salmon are running in massive numbers up the Naknek River and also in surrounding systems like the Alagnak River.

King Fishing has slowed due to the weeks of hot weather but the fishing has began to heat back up with the cold weather and rain.

Rainbow fishing continues to be excellent with the smolt migration in full force with millions of year old sockeye migrating from Naknek Lake to Bristol Bay the Rainbow Trout are gorging themselves on these unfortunate sockeye.

Bear viewing at Brooks Range and Fly out streams is currently fantastic with the opportunity to see a 1 thousand pound brown bear snatching a sockeye out of the air or snorkel underneath a pile of logs and return with a mouth full of fresh salmon.

7/3 Fishing Report

The Sockeye Salmon are now barreling up the mighty Naknek River by the thousands. With the massive schools moving up stream the time to catch limits of ocean fresh sockeye is here.

Large resident rainbows in the upper 20 inch class are being caught everyday on streamers like the classic olive and white dolly llama or sculpin patterns.

King Salmon are also making their migration from the pacific ocean back to their spawning grounds. Jacks and small adults are around and very eager to bite the big 30+ are also around they are just a little harder to convince to bite and even harder to land. They have been going forclassic flies like Pink or Chartreuse Intruder style flies, using either heavy single hand rods in the 9 or 10 wt class or spey rods in the 8 to 10 wt class using heavy sink tips.

Bear viewing is going great with the Coastal Brown Bears taking advantage of all the Sockeye and other salmon moving through the system. So if your goal is to watch a thousand pound bear catch a salmon mid air now is a great time to do so. The bears will be around from now until the end of summer and they will just keep getting fatter from here on out.

Sockeye are here

The Sockeye are making their run up the Naknek River, so get your 8 wt ready. It is time to fill some coolers and enjoy the largest run of wild salmon in the world.