For the last few weeks of season, we spent the majority of our time targeting rainbow trout on the swing using a two handed spey rod with streamers.

The weather can be a questionable factor this time of year as we enter the fall season. There was a few days where we were breaking ice off of guides and while those days made for some slower trout fishing, it didnt take long for the bite to turn back around. 

It seemed like the colder days produced a morning and/or an evening bite and was fairly quiet in between. Overall, we had great success targeting trout on the swing our last couple weeks of season and we had some fantastic days that produced high numbers of trophy rainbow trout through out the day.

We spent the majority of our days fishing the Naknek for trophy trout as the salmon have spawned out of the smaller streams. 

This fishing just reminds us of why the Naknek is largely considered the best rainbow trout fishing in all of Alaska.